All clothing - both natural and synthetic, shed microfibres with every wash - your Funkie Goods included. 

It is unavoidable. The pesky little things make their way into our pipes and are discharged into our oceans, potentially harming the ecosystem and ending up in our food, tap water, and even store-bought water. Yikes. Biting us right back in the a**.

Thus, we present to you... our 'Baby Steps' wash bag.

Each order you make includes our very own polyamide wash bag to catch all the little fibres shed from your clothes when you wash them. We can't catch them all - but we'll do what we can.

Throw your clothes in the laundry bag and reduce your environmental footprint, a baby step at a time.

We recommend that you wash all your clothes cold and with liquid detergent to reduce shedding. Discard the fibres caught in your wash bag into your bins. Please don't flush it! That defeats the purpose.

Read here to learn more about microfibres and what you can do to reduce your microfibre footprint.


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