All your Funkie Goods are delivered to you in a biodegradable mailer! This means that the mailer you receive can be decomposed naturally, by bacteria or other living organisms when you throw them away. 
Alternatively, you can reuse your mailers! Some ideas we have for you are...
  • Use them for your order returns. This isn't just restricted to returns back to us, you can literally use them for returns to other brands too! 
  • Use them to fill in and cushion the sides of boxes with fragile items so that you get an added layer of protection when moving them around
  • Use them to pick up your dog's poo
  • Moving on to the DIY fun stuff, we have: up-cycled jump ropes, a coin purse, penpal envelopes, and more! 
If you have any other ideas on how to reuse our mailers, chat us up and tell us how, we would love to hear!

Any Q's? Let us know.