As an Athleisure Apparel brand, we recognise that our business inevitably impacts the environment. We're on a mission to reduce our environmental footprint and improve our sustainability efforts, a baby step at at time!

Slow Fashion and Mindful Manufacturing

Most fashion items today are made with the intent to shorten the consumer buying cycle and get items out to consumers as quickly as possible, regardless of the impact on the lives of the factory workers involved in the process, and the environment - aka Fast Fashion. 
At Flow Funkie Studios, we believe in Slow Fashion and Mindful Manufacturing. We aim to create high quality and timeless activewear that is meant to last a lifetime (of washing cycles).  

High Quality Materials

Fast Fashion pieces generally do not last more than 10 washes, after which they lose their luster, feel and fit, and have to be thrown away. All our Funkie Goods are made with high quality materials that are meant to withstand the test of time and washing cycles. Tried and tested - they do last. 

Versatile Designs 

Design is another key aspect of Slow Fashion. Each Funkie collection is designed with the intention to be versatile. We know that consumers want variety in what they wear, which is why most clothing brands try to churn out as many pieces as they can to suit this insatiable appetite. So instead of solely focusing on the quick churn of variety (Fast Fashion), we decided to establish versatility as one of our core design values. Versatility strikes a good balance between providing you with variety across each collection, and the slower but more focused intention to create timeless pieces - Slow Fashion.
For example, 
  • Our sports bras are designed to be worn even outside of the exercise context. They can be worn not only with our matching leggings/bikers, but also with pants, jeans, skirts and more... all for your Everyday Active Flow! 
  • Collections are also designed to be Mix N Match, which means that you have the option to pair your bra and bottoms in the same colour or it's matching colour. 

Global Recycle Standard Manufacturing Practices

We use for all our Funkie Goods. This means that we not only use certified sustainable material to produce our activewear, but the production of the fabric has also adhered to the required social, environmental and chemical requirements of the GRS certification. More on Flow Funkie's use of GRS Fabric below.

Using certified Global Recycle Standard materials for all activewear apparel

We've chosen to disrupt this cycle of creation and destruction by re-purposing material before they have an impact on our planet. Our activewear apparel lines are made from certified Global Recycle Standard (GRS) fabric - recycled nylon or recycled polyester, depending on the Collection. 

What does this mean? 

  • The fabric we use meets the ISO definition of recycled. According to the standard, more than 50% of the fabric contents has to constitute of recycled material. We're at 77%! 

  • Production of the fabric has adhered to the social requirements stated in the GRS guidelines. This includes the establishment of proper health and safety measures to protect its workers; the fair treatment, payment of wages and benefits to the workers; and more. 

  • Production of the fabric has adhered to the environmental requirements stated in the GRS guidelines. This includes efforts by the factory to continually reduce its energy and water usage; proper waste management techniques; and more. 

  • Production of the fabric has adhered to the chemical requirements stated in the GRS guidelines, ensuring that only non-hazardous chemicals are used in the production process and that chemicals are disposed of properly too. 

To read more about the GRS standard and its guidelines, check out this PDF


Our 'Baby Steps' wash bag

All clothing - both natural and synthetic, shed microfibres with every wash - your Funkie Goods included. 
It is unavoidable. The pesky little things make their way into our pipes and are discharged into our oceans, potentially harming the ecosystem and ending up in our food, tap water, and even store-bought water. Yikes. Biting us right back in the a**.


Thus, we present to you... our 'Baby Steps' wash bag.

Each order you make includes our very own polyamide wash bag to catch all the little fibres shed from your clothes when you wash them. We can't catch them all - but we'll do what we can. Throw your clothes in the laundry bag and reduce your environmental footprint, a baby step at a time. We recommend that you wash all your clothes cold and with liquid detergent to reduce shedding. Discard the fibres caught in your wash bag into your bins. Please don't flush it! That defeats the purpose. Read here to learn more about microfibres and what you can do to reduce your microfibre footprint.


Biodegradable mailers - the least we can do!

All your Funkie Goods are delivered to you in a biodegradable mailer! This means that the mailer you receive can be decomposed naturally, by bacteria or other living organisms when you throw them away. 
Alternatively, you can reuse your mailers! Some ideas we have for you are...
  • Use them for your order returns. Not just back to us, you can use them for returns to other brands too! 
  • Use them to fill in and cushion the sides of boxes with fragile items for an added layer of protection
  • Use them to pick up your dog's poo, to line a rubbish bin, etc.
  • Moving on to the DIY fun stuff, we have: up-cycled jump ropes, a coin purse, penpal envelopes, and more! 
If you have any other ideas on how to reuse our mailers, chat us up and tell us how, we would love to hear!


Any Q's? Let us know.